A simple, yet creative and scalable pan-European physical activity and sports campaign

MyPromise Europe is a super-easy person-to-person pan-European campaign where physically active and athletic people invite their less-active family members, friends, colleagues, schoolmates and sisters to exercise and sport. The campaign starter on August 23, 2021 and its first phase lasts until the end of 2022.

The campaign is organised by SCULT Foundation, an international healthy lifestyle social enterprise. The campaign is supported in various forms by the Erasmus+ Sport project, the Estonian National Health Insurance Fund, the National Foundation of Civic Society, the Ministry of Culture, and the Nordic Council of Ministers. The campaign will be implemented in cooperation with the following organisations: SCULT Foundation, Junior Chamber International JCI, Hellenic Development City Network, European Volunteer Centre CEV, Latvian Olympic Academy, Lithuanian Sports University, Estonian School Sport Union, EnV CIC - Events, Training, Volunteers, and Estonian Windsurfing Association.

SCULT Media, an internal media house of the SCULT Foundation, invites like-minded organisations to participate in various forms in our preventive health care, physical activity and sports initiatives, campaigns and research projects. In addition to other partnership opportunities, we offer our partners content and media collaboration and a mutually beneficial brand partnership. SCULT inspires and engages audiences of all ages and cultural backgrounds through sports, a healthy lifestyle and volunteering. We do this through many socially responsible and forward-looking local and international initiatives, events and projects.

You are welcome to submit exciting ideas that you would like to do together with the SCULT Foundation and MyPromise campaign.

If you wish to cooperate, please write to:

Let's Make Europe the Most Active and Happy Region in the World!

Thank you!