Join MyPromise campaign as an organisation


MyPromise Europe is a super-easy person-to-person campaign where physically active and athletic people invite their less-active family members, friends, colleagues, schoolmates and sisters to exercise and sport.

Sports organisations, clubs and sport events organisers, as well as schools, universities, companies and other organisations in the private, public or third sector can be effective promoters of the MyPromise campaign!

If you share the dream behind the MyPromise Europe campaign of making Europe the most active and happy region in the World, invite your physically active members, teams, colleagues, and students to bring less active colleagues and friends to physical activity and sports!

Just ask them to come up with a specific loved one or friend, get in touch and invite them to go hiking, walking or jogging together, ride a bike or even play badminton. Whatever their mode of movement and sport, everything works! Read more how it works.

We also invite organisations and companies to organise happenings, team and customer events that benefit from the MyPromise campaign. Be creative and join the MyPromise Europe social campaign!

Thank you!