Join MyPromise as an individual


MyPromise Europe is a super-easy person-to-person campaign where physically active and athletic people invite their less-active family members, friends, colleagues, schoolmates and sisters to exercise and sport.

Just come up with a specific loved one or friend, get in touch and invite them to go hiking, walking or jogging together, ride a bike or even play badminton. Whatever your mode of movement and sport, everything works!

The world is full of different forms of physical activity, all of which help us to be healthier and happier people and at the same time enjoy social interaction!

Running - Cycling - Swimming - Tennis - Walking - Hiking - Football - Yoga - Kayaking - Skiing - Aerobics - Frisbee - Discgolf - Fitness - Basketball - Volleyball - Rowing - Triathlon - Table-tennis - Ice skating - Roller skating - Windsurfing - Surfing - Golf - Bowling - Dancing - Gymnastics - City-biking, etc.

Just Make MyPromise and Bring a Friend to Sport!

It's also great if you have a photo or a short video of your joint venture to share. Be a role model and share it on social media #MyPromise.
You can also send you story to us to publish it on the campaign's website and social media channels:

Let's make Europe the Most Active and Happy Region in the World!


  1. Think of a friend you want to bring to exercise and sport.
  2. Call, write or better yet meet them in person.
  3. Tell them the story and purpose of MyPromise campaign.
  4. Make MyPromise to bring them to sports and physical activity.
  5. Introduce your friend to the ABCs of a particular sport discipline and exercise.
  6. Agree on a schedule and go exercise together at least 3-4 times.
  7. If all goes well, decide together whether to continue and in which form. Keep the spirit high!
  8. Be a role model and share a photo or short video of your joint action on social media with #MyPromise.

Thank you!