Tartu University Academic Sports Club joined the MyPromise Europe movement

EE • Tartu

MyPromise at the Techno 293 European Championships

EE • Tallinn windsurfing

Onion Road Special

EE • Tartu cycling

Running and triathlon- testing the limits of human ability

EE • Tallinn marathon

Liisa Vilms: The beginning of a new lifestyle

EE • Tallinn golf

SUPER! Tähtvere Dance School shares My Promise's call of action on Tartu Car Freedom Boulevard

EE • Tartu dancing

Robert Kitt: My road to Ironman

EE • Tallinn triathlon

The story of Katrin Vernik: How I found my way to cycling

EE • Tartu cycling

Cool friends at the Helsinki Half Marathon HHM

FI • Helsinki running

Let’s make Europe the most active, healthy and happy region in the World!


More than 50% of personal health comes from lifestyle!


80% of our children are inactive…


2/3 of Europeans are Inactive


From a pool party to a joint swimming session? Everything is possible.


Did you know how longboards differ from skateboards?


Why dance alone? Make My Promise and bring your friends to your dance training too!

FI • Helsinki dancing

Make MyPromise and invite your friend to ride a bike!


Why not teach a friend karate and self-defense? Make MyPromise, Bring a Friend to Sport!!

JP martial arts

Make My Promise to your friends even at the dinner table!


Making MyPromises to friends at a wedding party - why not?


Join the largest physical activity campaign in Europe!

Make My Promise and invite your loved ones, friends or colleagues to hike in the fresh air


Sports and pleasure - friends are enjoying windsurfing @ Laulasmaa FUN 2021

EE • Laulasmaa windsurfing